About Finlows


Established at the dining table on ‘Finlow Hill’ in Cheshire, Finlows is an iconic new British brand seamlessly blending classic country class and contemporary elegance, giving you Quintessential British Style.

Founded by Kiera and Simon, Finlows represents the epitome of the British Lifestyle, striking the perfect balance between town and country.

“Having grown up living the country life on a farm in Leicestershire before emigrating to the city to work as a Structural Engineer, I constantly find myself living with 1 foot in the country and 1 foot in the city. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not have to change your shoes every time you get out the car?” Kiera Mudd 

“For me I love the ease with which the men’s boots can carry me from a weekend in the country back to the city. This however is nothing to the relief that finally Kiera can have 1 pair of boots that can be worn on all occasions, rather than new footwear for every event!” Simon Kinsella

Finlows goes beyond merging town and country, being founded on the idea of practical luxury. Finlows provides Ladies and Gentleman’s footwear and accessories in luxurious leathers, cosy cashmeres and sumptuous silks.

In Finlows you can be confident that no matter the event, you will stand out for all the right reasons.